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We have created this list of commonly asked questions to help our athletes get ready for the big day! If you have any questions about the show, do not hesitate to reach out to us at Our goal is to make your competing experience go as smooth as possible!

Do I need to attend the Athlete's Meeting and Registration? 

Yes, it is mandatory to attend. This is where you will get your official height or weight measured by the CPA officials and have your posing suit checked by the judges for approval.

Athlete Meeting/Registration: Friday, April 17th, 2020 at 6:00pm at the Cobourg Community Centre


What should I bring to the Athlete's Meeting? 

You should bring your:

-photo ID.

-proof of 2020 CPA membership number.

-music on a CD for classes that have posing routines.

-wear your posing suit for approval.

Can I compete in more than one category? 

Yes, we encourage it! Being a regional level show, it is recommended that you try to get the most out of it by getting more experience and stage time.

If I am a first time competitor, can I only compete in the True Novice division? 

No, you may compete in the open divisions and the novice divisions. We encourage you to get the most out of the show by competing in multiple classes!

"True Novice" VS "Novice" divisions? 

"True Novice" is open to anyone who has never competed before or it's your first time ever competing with the CPA or it's your first time competing in a new division.

"Novice" is open to anyone who has not placed top 3 before in an open class.

Can I buy tickets at the Athlete's Meeting? 

Yes, we will be selling tickets and backstage passes at the Athlete's Meeting.

Can I buy more than one coach pass? 

Yes, you can. 

Can I get a regular spray tan? 

No, spray tans for competitions are MUCH darker! Book your tan with the official tanning company of the CPA: Absolute Touch!

Does the show start on time? 

Yes, we always start on time so be sure to come early.

If I compete with another federation, can I do this show? 

Yes, this show is open to everyone with a CPA membership. You can buy your CPA membership on the CPA website.


If I have a pro card in another federation can I compete in this show? 

You would have to relinquish your pro status with the other federation in order to compete in this show. A form can be signed at the athlete's meeting the night before the show which relinquishes your pro status from the other federation.

Where can I buy stage photos? 

Zoom Image Pros are the official photographers of the CPA. They will be at the athlete's meeting selling stage photo packages. You can also pre order your photo package at

What time will my class be on stage? 

Honestly, we don't know the exact time that each class will be on stage and it's never good to guess! Shows can sometimes go faster or slower depending on the judges and how big or small the classes are. We ALWAYS start on time so be sure to come early.

Should I bring extra sheets to the hotel? 

Yes! Always bring extra sheets, pillow cases and towels to the hotel every time that you compete. The spray tan can stain the hotel linens which will result in extra hotel charges added to your credit card. To avoid all of this be sure to come prepared with your own sheets, pillow cases and towels.

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